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tv   [untitled]    July 24, 2015 12:00pm-12:31pm PDT

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can only help solve more crime jz be more proactf with that. having said that, thanks for your attention. >> thank you ted for all that information. i promise i told him 2 to 3 minute presentation but we went to it. all good information he is supplying tonight. the final thing i'll present is traffic enforcement and it is one of the biggest concerns of the community in the tearville. for me as the commanding officer it is high priorities. for those member thofz community that dobet know, vision zero within san francisco is a city wide effort to have no fatalities by the year 204. under the program of focus on the 5, the san francisco police department does a daily effort of focusing on the 5 violations that are most responsible for collisions
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within the areas ichb the district where they most frequently happen. we do this in partnership with the mayors office, sfmta, walk and bike coalition and dpw. as you can see the top are yielding to pedestrian, red light, yielding to thuproach of the turn, the stop sign and speeding and of course our locations, we have 2 on 19th avenue and 2 on lake mur sed and brotherhood. we do a lot of enforcement as far as the [inaudible] for speed. i think we have great results. we get it from our motorcycle officers and parole officers who take a initiative to get the training. tearville station between last year and this year saw increase of 145 percent. in june we had a slight
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decrease but thing thaz is because we had the mayors conference and lot of events. what i like is even though we are participating focus on the 5, we still value community tips. a great example i had a mune community member give a tip there were speeders on 7 avenue so we got our officers out there and got traffic company involved and put a speed radar out and for a week pegged as many speeders as we can. what i try to tell the officers is it isn't about the amount of sitrations you giver, we are trying to change behavior of motest bicyclist and pedestrian. their actions jeopardize the safety of the community. when i say that to drivers and officers there is no argument. everyone is for that. we do a lot of proactive
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enforcement. i want to talk about 2 officers on july second they are midnight guys, officer culture and ratchy. they saw a vehicle with no license plaet and made a illegal turn and conducted a traffic strop. because they had no plate on the back of the car and saw the front of the vehicle, it was taken in a car jacking in petaluma. in that case that vehicle a few hours prior had been taken in petaluma where they brutally beat the elderly victim. that is a great example of great police work. i'm proud of my officers when they take a small initiative to do traffic enforcement and from the result is great police work. of course we use our lidar and speed trailers and
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conduct monthy operations. we submit munty operations in the tearival we do 2 a week and can't forget traffic company. we work in partnership with them. in the 3 months i have been at tearville station they conducted 51 operations and as a result 322 citations. we can not ignore the positive result of that partnership we have with them. that conclude my presentation. i'm open to questions or concerns that anyone may have. >> all roit right, thank you
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captain flaherty and inspector mullens. generally i would open to this to question but [inaudible] what the community is thinking and then we'll circle back and [inaudible] the community may-there may be issues you may to address during the question period. with that ladies and gentlemen i'm going to open the floor to public comment. is there any public comment? >> i was again [inaudible] i live in district 5. i was up here earlier and forgot to bring up the perpetrators names of the people that murdered my son. one of the guys-there are 6 guys and one name is thomas
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hann bill, paris mauft, andrew vudue, jason thomas, anthony hundredther, marks carter. these nameerize all on my sons file at 850 bryant. i wanted to bring that up also. i want to also bring up former mayor gaven nusem said in his news letter he knows who killed my son and he says i know quhoo killed your son. the da anyhow who killed your son. the police know who kill you son. the point is, if everybody knows who killed my son why is my case not solved? we talk about public safety. our children are public safety too. my son went to school-he has a
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father and mother who raised him well. public safety includes him also. everybody know who killed my son. when i went to go view my sons files these names are on my sons files. it is perpetrator. my son wasn't the intended target but he was the victim. we talk about public safety, we need to include everyone. all lives matter, all lives matter and as i said before, i shouldn't have to do this. but this is something i'll be doing for the rest of my life. who ever will hear me. we don't want this to hit no one elses home. it is hitting peoples homes every day and when it hits somebodys home
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then they want someone to help them. this needs to stop and i'm bringing this up and here are the perpetrators names. these names are on his file. i am not bringing these or pulling these out of a hat. that is all i will say. >> is there any other public comment? >> commissioner my name is john hews, i'm proud and happy resident of tearville area and born and raised in the area. a member of captain ferity community police advisory board. [inaudible] speaking for the 2 of us and for the people we represent in the community i would like to say we are police would the work we get from the captain and officers, they are doing a fine
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job. the work with community police advisory board, one of the things we are most pleased with is the station management is very reseptdive to input from the community. there is no push back. things we have as input are things embraced and taken as pornts. the opportunities we have been given to deliver effort from the station to the community is also been valuable. we feel we have been able to make a contribution to had community by assisting the station. captain familiarity welcome to the district. happy to have her. lieutenant [inaudible] sergeant [inaudible] for the member thofz community we appreciate what you are doing. for the police commission i ask you to continue to support the tearville station even though we are a low crime area, it is a big area. we like we get from tearville station and like to keep getting it.
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>> thank you [inaudible] any other public comment? hear ing none public comment is now closed. colleagues i want to return to the presentation by captain familiarity and inspector mullens to see if there are comments or question you have for the captain and inspector. >> just i want to thank captain farty for hit ognl the key priorities of the commission emphasized over the year. i think the commission is very supportive of the crisis and intervention team and training and encourage you to send officer tooz the training t. is
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very effective reducingtection during police citizen encounters when there are mental helths issues. thank you for addressing the vision zero issue. as a resident of this district i attest to a lot of bad driving going around and probably guilty of some of it. the one issue i wanted to raise which i know suffered maybe a year or 2 ago, i know this is something supervisor katy tang is interestinged in is the rise of illegal massage parlers and wond r if there is something the station is do? we work in partnership with sbu. i received a few complaints in regards to that. they usually come in the form of a anommississippi letder so i review if and notify mike deutrauf and send it to him.
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just recently i sent him down and he informed me they were investigating the case. last month they kim to the tearville district and arrested a womern involved in human trafficking. we always bring into the conversation supervisor tang because she is committed to both and it is priority and she understands how it impacts her community. >> thank you. >> thank you for a very nice concise powerpoint. we appreciate that. my question has to do with the red on the powerpoint is the auto burglies and know that is a city wide issues. are you seeing a impact or increase in auto burglaries because of prop 47 and now they are with mister meaner when they would have been a felony. maybe inspector mullen can tell us if that is a
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factor that increased in auto burglaries. >> i have been arounds for a long time too. i do believe so. i believe under prop 47 a lot of times those-i was at burglary for 4 years and my district was the tearville and as my experience narcotics were part of the conversation dealing with burgly sus spebts. there was a time we made narcotic arrest jz those suspects may be incarcerated at county jail or state prison we are not seeing that anymore so until we can make arrests they can do great investigation but until they are held accountable at a judicial level i feel we'll see this revolveed door. most recently the officers of tearville station made a great arrest. a member of the community saw 3 suspects
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breaking into a vehicle at lake mur sed t. is a hij issue. he call said 911 and described, officers are smart and go ahead of where they think the suspects may flee and rin into the suspects and conduct the traffic stop and find the victims purse in the car, they find glass from the car in the suspects pants. we find out later on 2 of the suspects were transferred fromson mateo on probation for stealing cars and narcotics. we ran up a case the other day, the reason the case was so good for us because the third suspect who didn't play a part in the break in, he gave information to our investigators to corroborate what the citizen was telling us. that is a strong case. we reviewed the case yesterday with inspector mullen kw found they dropped 2 of the misdemeanors and left the
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felony but they are out of custied and have no doubt they are out doing the same. in my experience those that commit auto burglies they commit 3 to 5 a day and those of residential commit one or 2. that is why we make the arrests and [inaudible] may not be able to tie it to one crime but it is significant because we impact every day activities. >> the felony that is hard to put on the individual once we get them into custody if we get them after the fact [inaudible] they have something on their person even if it is from the burglary it is hard to prove in court. they know that as well and that is 234 problem we are having. we when we get the auto breaken we need to follow through with that through the jilsh system.
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>> the captain gave a great presentation but the issue, it is city wide and it is a problem and appreciate the work the officers doing. in my district in the northern they make arrests every day and the burglaries are still happening. >> i don't think i heard a presentation on the field investigation cards. can you give me detail on that? >> a field investigation card is a tool that officers use. it is to describe it it is like this. most officers put it in their tag back and if they have a consensual encounter where they take someone on where they think it doesn't look like and detain them and run them but it doesn't warrant a whole police report they fill it out. the beauty-i'll give a example, we have a victim of a robbery and this victim tells us it was 2
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females one with pink hair and a tattoo on their arm of a heart and a license plate. the officer can go into the data base and put in those factors and then there is a high likelihood if the officer did what they are supposed to do it will pop up and that link offers to connect the dots in the investigation and now we have a vital lead. >> is that just to-available in tearville or city wide? >> it is city wide. the officers come in at the end of the night and hand their cards to the watch commander and the commander reviews it and the data is entered daily. >> thank you >> your welcome >> something that came to mind in particular with the lake mur sed area. if you pick up folk
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frz auto burglaries do we get [inaudible] they are kept out of high crime [inaudible] >> i'm having a hard time having them not kick the case [inaudible] that would be great if we could see that but our experiences is it seems there is a reluctancy to go forward with these cases even with stellar investigations being handed down by the team. >> thank you. >> your welcome. >> any further question frz the folks of tearville station? captain flarty and inspector mullens i want to thank you for your presentation, very informative and appreciate your time tonight. thank you. all right, sergeant killshah >> item 6 public comment. the
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public is welcome to address the knhigz regarding items not on the agenda. speakers address their remarks to the commission as a whole. under police commission rules of order during public comment police nor occ personal elnor commissioners are required to respond to questions but my provide a brief response. individual commissioners and police and occ personal elshould refrain from entering into debate or discussion during public comment. please limit your comments to 3 minutes. >> we have done public comments so we took this out of order and so with that i ask you to move to the next item >> item 7, adjournment action. >> ladies and gentlemen of the commission i'll entertain a
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appropriate motion. a move for adjournment in honor of the hayword police officer. ladies and gentlemen, the police commission will adjourn toonts in honor of sergeant scott lunger of the hayword police department killed this morning in the line of duty this morning serving community and california. hearts go out to the lunger family and wish them the best and weal prr pray for the soul of sergeant scott lunger. is there a second-- >> second. >> all in favor? >> aye. >> opposed. the commission stands adjourned. thank you ladies and gentlemen .
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>> (clapping) i'd like po to welcome you all for this ceremony thank you for joining us i hope and trust getting here with the closer it wasn't not hard i to the here at 7:30 we're going to begin the program with the national black anthem of the republic of korea sing the star extending spending banner and then bringing on students from korea singing the
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korean national black anthem please join me with our amendment national anthem ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ (clapping.) >> thank you ladies and gentlemen, if you would please remain standing i'd like to introduce the kids from korean college who are studying for courses in the summer their chicagoan choi flew over with his wife from korean chancellor thank you if the students will now come on stage
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(clapping.) >> smile. >> please cue the national anthem of the republic of korea ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ (singing in korean) ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ . (clapping.) >> thank you very much nice presentation at this point i'd like to introduce our chaplain to present the invocation please remain sitting
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chaplain denny is a retired juney sergeant recipe of the navy cross for valor and purple heart in the battle of the hook during the korean war he's also the current chap lip of the first marin division please welcome denny wiseburg. >> please remain seated in our own persuasion please follow along with what i have to say heavenly father we're blessed you've preserved this spot this glorious place to put a glorious memorial for the korean war we ask you put our loving armed around everyone that has to do with with this all the veterans that were there both korean and
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american in korean during that war their families please remember those we have lost i'll like to ask you to take one momentum of silence in memory of those brave souls in the landing in 1950 and the sounds like from 1950 to 1953 (silence) god we just thank you so much for the privilege of serving you and serving our country's we just thank you so much for this glorious day and glorious scene i ask you to put our loving arms around those folks
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around you are military whatever in harm's way eir otherwise and our families around this will think a be a great educational spot for the future those things we ask in your holy name. >> thank you denny we're very pleased and honored we have a special guest who is joining us former skooirtd 0 george p sxhuflts and his wife for the city and county of san francisco (clapping) and for the state of california secretary councilmember curls who identical was awarded the sole peace prize by the government of the republic of korean in 1992 the most recent
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recipe was from germany george not to make a few remarks please welcome the secretary of state. >> thank you. >> fellow veterans and those who are marines let's goes simplify simplify. >> i started my career in siphon government in the i's hover and isaac closed it out we're proud of that for younger people i's hover was a very wise map man now the relationship with too the united states and south coroner is long and close and during my time as secretary of state we worked closely together and i made quite a few of the trips to korean and i remember all the planning that
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went into the soul olympics and look at the wonderful ways the properties westbound developed one incident that stands out everyone was worried security particular with the north tendency towards take care religious freedom we worked on that. >> and one occasion the sooifb foreign minister was visited me i took him to the white house and reagan said mrvpt steven athletes will be in soul no north korean temper religious freedom that's nailed down thank you. >> (clapping.) thank you, mr. secretary. >> will typed i'd like to